5 Awesome Innovations on the Frontier of Home Automation

Remote home control system on a digital tablet or phone.
Remote home control system on a digital tablet or phone.

In today's digital world -- recently dubbed "The Age of the Internet of Things" -- technology is changing everything. From wearable health tracking devices to cars that drive themselves, tech has made day-to-day life easier, more convenient and also more fun. One area in which technology is having a huge impact is in the home. Recent inventions have made maintaining, taking care of and enjoying domestic life better than ever before. The following five home automation innovations represent some of the most cutting edge technologies that are shaping the way humans experience their homes.


Connected Refrigerators
There's a good chance you've run to the grocery to pick a few things up -- only to return home and find out you've forgotten one essential item. You can avoid that annoyance now that there are smart refrigerators, which not only help you regulate the energy that your fridge uses, but also help you keep track of what is inside them. Smart refrigerators have a Wi-Fi connection, and are equipped to take photos of the inside each time it opens and closes so you can check and see what is in them, even remotely. Some smart fridges even have capability to play videos and songs, while others allow you to pull up recipes or order groceries from a touchscreen. Two of the most popular smart refrigerators on the market right now are the Samsung Family Hub and the LG Smart ThinQ.

Connected Washers and Dryers
Connected appliances don't only make cooking easier -- they make laundry better, too. Internet-connected washers and dryers now allow you to stop and start cycles via an app remotely, as well as to monitor how much energy you're using. Many smart laundry appliances also allow you to "download" special cycles for certain clothing items in order to make sure you are washing and drying your garments just the right way. Whirpool's Smart Cabrio Washer and Smart Cabrio Dryer are two of the most popular smart laundry devices on the market.

Self-Learning Thermostats
Keeping the temperature regulated in your home is key to making sure you and your family are comfortable. Now, you can use a self-learning, self-regulating thermostat, like the popular Nest device, to keep the air feeling just right. Nest's thermostat does a whole host of things, including learning your schedule after you use it for a week, then automatically changing the temperature by itself -- both to make sure that you're comfortable when you're at home, and that you're not using excess energy when you're not.

Smart Locks
Keeping your home locked means that you can keep your family and your belongings safe. But locks can also cause challenges, such as when people get locked out, or when you leave your house and forget to lock up. Thanks to smart locks, however, you can control the security of your home via a remote app, which allows you to lock, unlock and check the status of a lock, whether you're at home or far away. Many smart locks, like August locks, also have doorbell cameras, so you can see who is at the door from your smartphone.

Leak and Moisture Detection
Another home automation innovation designed to keep you safe is the leak and moisture detection device. Devices like Wally Home can detect whether there is excess moisture in your residence -- letting you know about a potential leak or flood as they are happening. Leak and moisture detection innovations can help you avoid dangerous things like mold or rotting flooring or walls, and they can help you avoid having to make frustrating and expensive home repairs by catching small problems before they become big ones.


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